Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ma: I thank the days of no money

1995, 1996, when Hou us live mainly three reasons. First, we do not have the money, the second reason we survived is because I do not understand technology, and the third reason is because we do not plan.

The first reason is not money, is because there was a time when business is only 20,000 dollars, spent every penny is a very, very careful, if not careful, tomorrow may be closed. Often make mistakes because of the money to. Now we Alibaba is rich, but we used to be very careful, Alibaba to petty pride. Spend every penny to ask, why did I spend money, spend down there is no effect.

The second reason is that non-technical, I am a non-technical people, if we do a test network technology, the people here, I will be ranked within the bottom 10. But this is not important. Because non-technical, and skilled people I invited, respect them and let them play. Some technical staff, well compiled a program, making good a software time, very excited, I said excitedly useless, if I would not use, 85% of people will not be used, they still throw away, if I would use, that most people will use, so I became the company's quality manager. So why the rapid development of Alibaba, as traders is simple.

The third reason is that we do not plan, so far, we have not written a business plan. We think that changing is the best plan. Development of the Internet so fast in speed of the case, no one dared to predict what will happen three years after the Internet. In 1995 I started the Internet, did not think the Internet will develop into so quickly. 5 years later we do the Internet seminar, no one to listen to, because, like the Internet Jiugen TV. We are changing ourselves, but the goal never changes. Our business services, creating value, do B2B, for small and medium enterprises.

- Jack Ma in 2001, Beijing High-tech Industries Week "Digital China" Forum speech


Ma antagonistic good thinking, and in this dark year of throwing a lot of strange tale of a ghost, but the business logic behind it is not surprising.

This year, the performance of Chinese stocks in the NASDAQ slump, and even a temporary suspension NetEase, Alibaba is no listing for their original feel lucky. Ma was to explain why no alternative market, mainly of the weather, geography, and human factors decision. View from the days when high tide will soon retreat network, the early weakness; from the location, the United States from China's stock market is very sensitive to many people harbor resentment against the Chinese; from human view, Alibaba's own run-in period also too short.

Action Guide:

Money, technology, planning decisions of these MBA vocabulary is not really a key factor in victory or defeat, the most critical is its people.

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