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Five half-free semiconductor 5 is not the final version of the draft statement for the

"This is the work of the State Council, a matter of time before the file did not come out, who said it is false." The Government will introduce in the second half of the new policies that support the semiconductor industry to say, the China Semiconductor Industry Association, the Secretary-General, Ministry of Information Industry Products Xu Xiatian Division inspector on the "First Financial Daily" said that he could not estimate the time the introduction of the new policy.

The media had reported "five five half-free," the new policy, the Chinese Semiconductor Association Ke Li explained that this is a discussion meeting of experts to form the first draft of the opinion. Specifically, the semiconductor company is profitable from the beginning of the year, the first to be exempted from enterprise income tax year, half of the sixth to the tenth year income tax.

Li Ke said that in five or six months of the expert panel convened meeting, the participating experts was formed on the first draft without significant opposition, but this policy is responsible for Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Commerce, State Administration of Taxation General Administration of Customs and other ministries will be the second instance of the content of the policy, the three trial, "If there is no accident that this policy can come out the second half." But he also admits, "policy no one said a bad thing."

Xu Xiatian also believe that, in accordance with the original statement, the new policy will be introduced late last year, but then nothing happened, indicating that there are still many problems which need to be addressed.

In fact, the new semiconductor policy will be introduced to foster the news began to spread from last year, "the statement from the 18, there will be a day of cultural modification." Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association, the source said. Related departments last year entered the pre-feasibility study stage, and through visits to companies for advice.

However, the content of this article may affect some businesses do not. Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Co., Ltd. Vice President Wang Guoguang on that document under 18, Hua Hong has been able to enjoy the "five five half-free" offers.

Li Ke said that before this policy only for a very few number of companies, the new policy will be extended to all enterprises, whether local enterprises, foreign enterprises or large enterprises, small and medium enterprises, can enjoy this offer.

He said the new policy in the second instance, third instance of the process, the first draft of part of the content may be deleted, but added it is unlikely, the more certain is that the state will set up special funds to support the content of the semiconductor industry, as the "five five half-free "is retained, also saw the final version of the finalized policy.

Implemented since 2000 to "encourage the development of software and IC industry, a number of policy" has been the industry known as No. 18 document. Because of this policy by the United States and the European Union's opposition, from April 1, 2005, the Chinese government decided not to levy VAT on semiconductors, but the introduction of new policies to further support the semiconductor industry.

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